Friday, August 29, 2008

Genealogy of Gov. Sarah Palin

Posted by Craig on 8/29/2008
As promised, I looked at the family history of Obama's VP, and now it's time to look at McCain's VP, announced today.

In one sense, I was glad it was someone who hasn't been in the national spotlight much to date because that meant her family history wasn't as well researched as some other potential choices. In another, that was an enormous challenge, and I had trouble finding some of her ancestry.

But I did find a lot on her family still, particularly on her mother's side. I found a total of 119 ancestors for her (and again have a GEDCOM if anyone's interested). She was born in Idaho and her father's family came from Kansas and Ohio, as best as I can tell. Her mother's family came predominately from Wisconsin, Connecticut, and Maine.

In fact, I found out she is distantly related to my girlfriend Nicole! They are 9th cousins, once removed, both descendants of the BEECHER family of Connecticut. Their common ancestors are Eleazer Beecher, born 1655 in New Haven, CT, and Phebe Prindle. They are also both related to Harriet Beecher Stowe through this line.

Surnames on her father's side: Heath, Centennial. English in origin.
On her mother's side: Beecher, Curtiss, Godfrey, Gower, Hine, Mueller, Sheeran, Schmoltz, Strong. Some English, Irish, German, and Scottish.

Here's the pedigree I came up with for her (six-generation chart).

Sources I used include RootsWeb Ancestry, census records, and family trees submitted to WorldConnect RootsWeb.

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