Wednesday, November 19, 2008

What I am exactly

Posted by Craig on 11/19/2008
While my paternal grandfather's family was from Canada, and much of my family is from the United States, I wanted to see what my ancestors were before any of them set foot in North America.

I looked at each of my 32 great-great-great-grandparents. Each is 3.125% of my blood. That's based on me being 50% my parents, 25% my grandparents, 12.5% my great-grandparents, etc.

Most (nearly all) of these 32 were born in Europe. Others were either the children or grandchildren of immigrants with the exception of one: Margaret Hart. While her father Arthur Hart was born in Ireland, her mother Mary Moore was born in Canada and most of her family goes back to Colonial America.

I broke each of the 32 into percentages as well, based on what they were, then put those results into each 3.125, and added it all up.

Here were my results:

39.418% German, 25% Polish, 22.2655% Irish, 7.813% French, 2.3435% Scottish, 1.629% Swiss, 0.969% unknown, 0.195% Austrian, 0.195% Belgian, 0.094% English, 0.094% Dutch

I broke the German/French down by region: 19.887% Bavarian, 12.5% Prussian, 4.297% French Moselle, 3.906% Wuerttemberg, 3.125% French Alsace, 3.125% Hessen, 0.391% French-mainland

Just an interesting little look into what I am. :)

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