Friday, December 12, 2008

Where we might be related

Posted by Craig on 12/12/2008
If you go back far enough, you can usually find any two people with European ancestry to be related.

I found my parents to be 6th cousins, once removed - their common ancestors marrying in Germany in 1737. To date, due to our common royal ancestry, my girlfriend Nicole and I are something like 28th cousins. But we're likely related much more closely.

First, I take a look geographically.

I have many ancestors from the village of Bremmelbach, France. Nicole has many ancestors from the village of Oberseebach, France. They are just FIVE MILES apart. There's a good chance we connect at some point due to this; families often intermarried in Europe and they often married into families from neighboring/nearby villages as well.

Then, here's some common families we share and where they lived. I've ordered them from closest geographically to furthest apart.

(C) Molschbach, Germany
(N) Dudenhofen, Germany
(distance) 56 km

(C) Waldfischbach, Germany
(N) Schifferstadt, Germany
(distance) 68 km

(C) Homburg, Germany
(N) Schifferstadt, Germany
(distance) 90 km

(C) Neualtheim, Germany
(N) Schifferstadt, Germany
(distance) 103 km

(C) Waeschenbeuren, Germany
(N) Schifferstadt, Germany
(distance) 146 km

(C) Waeschenbeuren, Germany
(N) Schifferstadt, Germany
(distance) 146 km

(C) Grossdeinbach, Germany
(N) Seebach, France
(distance) 158 km

(C) Bierbach, Germany
(N) Wirtheim, Germany
(distance) 202 km

(C) Epping, France
(N) Sedan, France
(distance) 220 km

(C) Darmstadt, Germany
(N) Hochdorf, Germany
(distance) 264 km

I think it's most likely our Hoffmann, Wahl, and Bender families are one in the same if you go back far enough. I'd say the same for Kuhn, except I have evidence my Kuhn's originated in Belgium and Nicole's were from Germany.

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Anonymous said...

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Unknown on January 3, 2009 at 8:07 AM said...

I discovered my parents are distant cousins. The relationship is quite distant, but I still tease my mum that I'm interbred LOL

Craig on January 8, 2009 at 3:08 AM said...

Kate, I did the same, it's in an earlier post. Isn't that fun? Interbred, haha. Fascinating, for sure.


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